With This Poor Form, Liverpool Might Not Finish In Top Four This Season

2021 has not really been a good year for the Reds (Liverpool Form)

Liverpool has been walking alone since the start of this year, lose over lose, everyday bad news. 😭😭😩

Manchester City’s humiliation is the greatest one Klopp has ever received in the Anfield.

The team is lacking winning mentality and it seems many of those players have been weak.

Only Mohammed Salah has been doing well consistently, every other Liverpool players are just underperforming.

Jorgen Klopp said after the great loss to Man City that they are only focusing on Champions League spot which means he’s automatically gave up for the title race.

This made me come into conclusion that if care is not taken, even the Champions League spot, Liverpool wont make it at the end of the season.

Do You Also Agree That Liverpool Might Not Finish In Top Four This Season?





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