Bruno Fernandes named the best nine players in the Premier League

Bruno Fernandes named the best nine players in the Premier League

Bruno Fernandes has given his verdict on the best players in the Premier League this season

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naming nine stars that have impressed him, When asked during a fans’ Q&A

He said;

“I think it’s difficult to choose one,” Fernandes said.

“For me, being the best player in the Premier League, you have to be the best from since we started to the end

and not coming and start playing in December or January and start doing well in that moment.

“The ones who were doing well before everyone forgets because those are doing better at this moment.

I think to be the best player, you have to be consistent, try to be the best that you can for the longest time you can.

Honestly, its difficult to choose one player to be the best.

Of course, we all know the qualities that our rivals have.

I think we can say this season, for me, as everyone knows Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best for me.

“If we go to the Liverpool squad, for example, I think Salah, if you say he’s playing well or not, he’s still scoring goals.

Harry Kane is still doing really well in the Tottenham team, for example.

“I think Raphinha of Leeds is doing very well. It’s difficult to choose one.

Gundogan, from the half of the season from December, started doing really well.

“As I’ve said, we have many players I can say now and it’s difficult to choose just one.

For example, Ruben Dias has come from Benfica and been consistent since he arrived [at Manchester City ].

“In our team, we also have players who have been consistent for all the season and I can’t remember more players at the moment.

“For example, I really like Mason Mount – he’s been consistent from the beginning of the season

but, if people will watch numbers he’s not had so many goals as other players or assists as other players but, for me, as a performance he’s been really, really top.

“Grealish, before his injuries, was being really, really good.

Bamford from Leeds is also scoring a lot of goals, 14 I think this season already [now 15 in the Premier League], which is really good.

“for me i think it’s difficult to choose one. I will be here for a lot of time doing names, names, names.

It’s better I stop or I will forget players and I don’t want to do that.”

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